How I got all these cards!

One day in July 2019 I answered a Facebook marketplace listing of a single case of 1998 Pinnacle Inside baseball cards. It was the only listing this person had.

Turns out he was a former sales manager at Pinnacle trading cards for a few years in the late 90's. He just sold his house and wasn't looking forward to moving all these again, so he told me he would rather just sell all of it in one giant lot.

After talking it over with the wife, she agreed to take out a loan to help me purchase the cards. BEST, WIFE, EVER! 

Now here I am, on the journey to sell, open, and just thoroughly enjoy going through this massive collection. If you are reading this, you probably also share in my love of sports cards, and the 1990's. I am glad you are here to share in the experience with me.


Me, in shock after loading cards onto this 26' moving truck for 7 hours.